Keep your clients always in-the-know

Whether you serve local, global clients or both, it is important to keep your clients and business associates up to date with your official working hours, office closure dates or any other information that might affect them in doing business with you as usual. Keep your clients always in-the-know.

If the office will be closing for some days, it is worth sending an email to your clients to let them know in advance.

Out of office

Never leave the office without applying an ‘Out of office’ reply. So simple, yet some people still have not made it a habit. You might want to stick to a simple one stating your return and an emergency contact or you might want to make it more personal and share some of your holiday highlights or explain the reason for the closures.

Social media pages

The same can apply for social media pages; especially for shops where customers search for their opening hours. Make sure you include this useful information in your page and update it accordingly as and when needed.

Remember: Small details make a difference!


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