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Changing jobs

A tough decision to make, for some, especially as we grow older! I often come across friends and other people who feel unhappy at work but take no action to change things. Not being satisfied at work does not always… Continue Reading →

Never underestimate a client

We all have felt it sometimes, when we walked into a store for example, that the attention we received was not the same as the man next to us dressed in a Gucci suit and Louis Vuitton shoes. In general,… Continue Reading →

The importance of business networking

Growing older and adding a few more years on my work experience, I better realised the importance of business connections. A great way for expanding your business social cycle is networking. What is networking? Networking is about interacting with other… Continue Reading →

Develop a successful marketing strategy

Your first step to a successful marketing strategy is to already have a business strategy in place. Marketing is all about supporting the business goals thus without the latter, everything you do will just be isolated actions with limited long-term… Continue Reading →

Select your business suppliers wisely

Working with reliable and trustful business suppliers can play a key role in managing your tasks effectively and on time due; which makes it very important to select them wisely. During my career so far I came across many different… Continue Reading →

Build trust through transparency in business

Honesty and transparency in business are not always guaranteed. Integrating such principles in an organisation’s culture is very important. Being honest and transparent with firm’s stakeholders helps to establish long term relationships built on trust; the core of business success. As business… Continue Reading →

Stand up for your rights and dignity at work

During our long career life, we all run the risk to cross routes with misbehaved managers who take advantage of their title and power. Not everyone confronts such situations the same way. Some people’s fear of speaking out or taking… Continue Reading →

Basic marketing analytics for SMEs

Does your marketing strategy rely on data analytics? If the answer is no, then you should reconsider this urgently. Basic data you get from analytics tools can help you create detailed customer profiles and evaluate the performance of marketing activities…. Continue Reading →

The importance of customer reviews and ratings

I am the kind of customer who will always give a rating and write a review after staying at a hotel or sometimes after visiting a restaurant. I like to applause an outstanding customer experience and the same way to… Continue Reading →

A chat with five Millennials: The Cyprus Job Market

A Financial Controller, an Assistant Professor, a Lawyer, a Software Developer and an Auditor share their thoughts about the job opportunities the Cyprus market has to offer.   As a text: Do you think that Cyprus has lots of job… Continue Reading →

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