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Never underestimate a client

We all have felt it sometimes, when we walked into a store for example, that the attention we received was not the same as the man next to us dressed in a Gucci suit and Louis Vuitton shoes. In general,… Continue Reading →

The importance of customer reviews and ratings

I am the kind of customer who will always give a rating and write a review after staying at a hotel or sometimes after visiting a restaurant. I like to applause an outstanding customer experience and the same way to… Continue Reading →

Customer journey mapping and touchpoints

Think of yourself and how many times you bumped into a product online that attracted your interest. Then upon logging on Facebook, an advert of it appeared in your News Feed or you received a message straight in your inbox… Continue Reading →

Create memorable client experiences

In a world where the same products and services are offered by a number of brands and organisations, it gets more and more difficult to differentiate your business from the competition. If the ‘what’ of your offering is similar to… Continue Reading →

Give voice to your clients

Customers nowadays are more demanding than ever before. They have a variety of choices to decide from and are always looking to get the highest value out of what they pay, either this is a product or service. They have… Continue Reading →

In-store Customer Experience: How efficient are your sales people?

In this post I will share with you my customer experience with MAC Cosmetics during my recent trip to Milan, Italy. It’s been some days I was thinking of buying a new MAC lipstick. Interestingly enough, this wish was triggered… Continue Reading →

A happy customer is a loyal customer

SEO, Google adwords, social media, programmatic advertising, virtual reality, machine learning … so many marketing words buzzing around today it makes you wonder where to start from and what you should actually invest on to attract new clients. IT DEPENDS;… Continue Reading →

Trend Vs Loyalty – Bars and restaurants in Cyprus

Many restaurants and bars in Cyprus open every now and then but only few of them last for a lifetime. Why? You always get to know when a new place has opened its doors either though your friends or through… Continue Reading →

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