The importance of customer reviews and ratings

I am the kind of customer who will always give a rating and write a review after staying at a hotel or sometimes after visiting a restaurant. I like to applause an outstanding customer experience and the same way to share a negative occurrence so that others don’t fall in the same trap.

Use images to support your review 

Using images as evidence makes a review even stronger. For example, I recently visited an apartment hotel that featured misleading photos on its booking site. The images included only the refurbished part of the room, while the rest of the room actually contained a torn chair, damaged towels and a molded bathroom. Hopefully, the photos I have uploaded along with my review will help to avoid any unwelcome surprises of other people staying at this place.

Customer reviews and ratings are equally important both for the business owner and the customer.

The customer point of view

To the current customers, it gives a satisfaction that they can share their views and make an impact on the business and future customers. To the potential customers, it gives them a taste of the real experience before deciding to visit a place or buy a product.

The business point of view

Reviews provide a brilliant opportunity to get to know how customers feel about a product/service, discover their preferences or biggest dislikes and thus act accordingly. If the business owners care enough, they should use such complimentary feedback wisely, in order to improve.

Offering an outstanding customer experience or product and achieving high ratings and reviews should be a constant goal for every business. This can only lead to customer growth and loyalty.

Business owners are customers of other businesses themselves, thus they are not excluded from acting as reviewers. 

To conclude, as customers let’s make sure we spread the word, good or bad, and for business owners, keep working for the high ratings to come in!  


The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not in any way reflect the views of my current or any previous employers.

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