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Basic marketing analytics for SMEs

Does your marketing strategy rely on data analytics?
If the answer is no, then you should reconsider this urgently.

Basic data you get from analytics tools can help you create detailed customer profiles and evaluate the performance of marketing activities.

More specifically you get to know:

  • The location of your customers based on geographic data.
  • Topics/products they like the most based on page visits.
  • How do customers usually access your website i.e. via desktop or mobile devices? Imagine if the majority of your customers access your site via their mobile devices and your site is not fully mobile optimised. This can be a reason of lower profits.
  • The amount of time they spend on your website. Discover how engaging your content is.
  • The number of repeated visitors vs. new visitors? Is your business growing?
  • User acquisition – which channels drive the most traffic to your website?
  • The number of clicks and conversion rates of your online campaigns. Is it worth paying the amount you invest in online marketing?
  • Your audiences’ interests i.e. sports, fashion, business, travel. This can help you bring new ideas to the table either for advertising campaigns or new product development.

Stop building your marketing strategy on assumptions. Instead, readjust it based on real numbers and outcomes!


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