Trend Vs Loyalty – Bars and restaurants in Cyprus

Many restaurants and bars in Cyprus open every now and then but only few of them last for a lifetime. Why?

You always get to know when a new place has opened its doors either though your friends or through online posts on portals and social media. With everyone running to try the new place out, there are cases where one needs to reserve days in advance or call back again and again until they make it for a reservation. But at the end, it seems that not all new spots make it to the long-lasting list and there are definitely some reasons about it.

I list the top ten below based on my own experience as a customer and professional in the business world.

1)    Bad customer service

2)    Rude personnel

3)    Personnel with attitude

4)    Not showing respect to clients

5)    High prices and low quality

6)    Small quantity of food

7)    Inconsistent quality

8)    Lack of professional staff and management

9)    No long-term strategy in place

10)  No interest for client’s feedback


What other things you notice when visiting a new place? What would put you off from visiting a place again?


The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not in any way reflect the views of my current or any previous employers.

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