A happy customer is a loyal customer

SEO, Google adwords, social media, programmatic advertising, virtual reality, machine learning … so many marketing words buzzing around today it makes you wonder where to start from and what you should actually invest on to attract new clients.

IT DEPENDS; the two favorite words of my Marketing Professor back at Uni.

Many businesses around the world manage to be profitable without the use of any of the above; just because their shop is very well located or because they are a long-established organization that gained their customers’ loyalty over time.

No matter the multiple ways you might choose to attract new clients, always bear in mind that customer should be at the core of your operations.

Happy customers, happy business!

Make the most to keep a customer happy. Offer an excellent customer service; be patient and willing to answer their questions, welcome clients with a smile or positive attitude, help them find what they want and make an extra effort to satisfy their request.

A happy customer is a loyal customer. Besides, the best performed marketing you can achieve is positive word of mouth and having your customers recommend your brand or shop to their friends and family, bringing you more and more people.

Show appreciation to your most regular clients by offering them special discounts, access to special content/products or priority service. Having 10 loyal customers who trust and recommend your brand/services is much more profitable than having 20 regular customers who are still getting to know you.

Have the above in mind next time you interact with a customer!


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