How to write a good CV

There are some key things to consider when writing your CV so that you make it stand-out, easy to read and understand.

To begin with, include an appropriate email address.

Check your CV over and over again to avoid any spelling mistakes; pay attention to detail.

Include a profile of 2-3 sentences at the beginning to give an indication of what you are looking for in your next career move and why you make a good fit for the role.

Keep you CV short (2 pages maximum), tidy and to the point. Provide accurate information on your experience, education and accomplishments. Remember to list everything chronologically starting from the most recent ones and moving backwards.

Although you might have little work experience, this should always go first, prior to education. Work experience is usually more important than education especially if the latter was years ago or if your degree/qualification is not so relevant to the role you are applying for.

Make sure you clearly define your responsibilities for each job role. Think of adjusting your responsibilities to better reflect the role you are applying for, only if this is true and without copying from the job description. Also, don’t forget to include your activities, skills and accomplishments either or not work related. This helps to give an idea of your personality.

For students with no experience you can add any duties you had during group assignments or external projects you were involved in. If you had been working in any period of your life either for extra money or to learn new things, you should definitely include this in your CV. Even if you have been working as a bartender or a barista. Why? This automatically shows you are a responsible and independent person with willingness to work and ability to adjust to a work environment; plus you have some work experience. Internships are also a very good count towards work experience.

Same as during an interview, use your CV to SELL YOURSELF! Things you might think don’t matter, actually do; so don’t leave any of it out.

CV template

There are several CV templates out there to download and choose from, some very innovative in design; however, still bear in mind to implement the points above whatever the template you are using. On my side, I attach a commonly used CV template for your reference.

Good luck!


The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not in any way reflect the views of my current or any previous employers.

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