Changing jobs

A tough decision to make, for some, especially as we grow older!

I often come across friends and other people who feel unhappy at work but take no action to change things. Not being satisfied at work does not always have to do with the organization one works at; that person might not be a good fit for the role or might have other ambitions.

Being at the same job for a couple of years, creates an environment of comfort and security which is difficult to leave behind. On the other hand, the thought of moving to a new career role is accompanied by the hustle of updating your CV, looking for jobs to apply and attending a number of interviews.

Where to start from?

Take baby steps 
Start by updating your CV little by little every day. Identify key websites that feature vacancies and opportunities in your preferred market. Register to receive alerts on the job openings of your interest.  
Don’t be afraid to take the risk
You are the first one who should believe in your skills and capabilities so that others can believe in you. Have confidence! Great things might wait for you in the corner.

Taking a new role can help you learn new things, meet new people, challenge yourself, grow and develop. Worse case scenario things will not go as expected but you will still have some new knowledge and experience to carry with you in your next job role.

Do not rush into a decision
Even though you might feel desperate to abandon your current role, it is important to consider every job offer very carefully and to avoid making rush decisions. A satisfying job consists of a number of different things all together, from salary, to your future manager and a pleasant work environment.

While it might take some time to land to your new job role, it is important to make sure it is the right next step to make that will help you to further develop and grow!


The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not in any way reflect the views of my current or any previous employers.

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