Stand up for your rights and dignity at work

During our long career life, we all run the risk to cross routes with misbehaved managers who take advantage of their title and power.

Not everyone confronts such situations the same way. Some people’s fear of speaking out or taking things forward to the HR, makes them secretly suffer every day at work for maybe even years.

No matter of the seniority level or years of experience, every employee has the right to be treated respectfully by colleagues and superiors in the workplace. If you are stack around a job where your manager yells at you, makes you cry, underestimate your capabilities and does not respect you in any way, then you should stop standing still and take action; simply because you ‘re worth better than this!

Stand up for your rights and dignity!

As a first step, I would suggest to have a conversation with the person you are having the problem with, in order to explain to them how their behaviour makes you feel. If this leads to a dead end, you can then speak to the HR department about it.

In most of the cases, it is rare that a misbehaved person would change their attitude, however, you should always give it a try before considering moving to a different job. Everyone makes mistakes and this is understandable as long as there is willingness to correct them and improve.

The key point I want to make in this article is that there are many jobs out there and nobody deserves to work in a toxic environment that ruins their everyday happiness. Our job is a big part of our lives, which¬†unconsciously affects all other things around us, thus don’t let it mess everything up!


The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not in any way reflect the views of my current or any previous employers.

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