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Select your business suppliers wisely

Working with reliable and trustful business suppliers can play a key role in managing your tasks effectively and on time due; which makes it very important to select them wisely.

During my career so far I came across many different business suppliers globally. Though, my experience with them was not equally good. Apart from the ones I was satisfied with, I met some suppliers who used to make repetitive mistakes, others who took initiatives without asking for the necessary approvals or were unable to deliver on time, and others who cared more about getting paid the soonest instead of satisfying their new client.

Here are the things I take into consideration in regards to evaluating a business supplier:

  • Rational prices when comparing with similar business offers
  • Fast response to requests
  • Delivery of service as agreed with no delays
  • Understanding brand guidelines and restrictions in place
  • Respecting the company and its procedures
  • Understanding the client needs
  • Suggesting alternatives or new ideas that would better serve the company
  • Acting professionally in every single step of the way
  • Asking for client feedback to improve

When you work under pressure and within tight deadlines, it is critical to be able to rely on collaborators who will quickly respond to your needs at the expected quality and time. Working with the same trusted business suppliers for years can help you achieve this. The time needed to explain a request or firm procedures is much less, thus, things become easier and move faster. Additionally, it is common that due to the long term established relationship, the business supplier will go the extra mile to help you in more complex situations and urgent requests.

Making a wise selection of the people you work with and investing in establishing long term relationships with them can really make a difference at your everyday work!


The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not in any way reflect the views of my current or any previous employers.

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