In-store Customer Experience: How efficient are your sales people?

In this post I will share with you my customer experience with MAC Cosmetics during my recent trip to Milan, Italy.

It’s been some days I was thinking of buying a new MAC lipstick. Interestingly enough, this wish was triggered by those great coloured lips posted every day in MAC Cosmetics’ Instagram account, plus my satisfying experience of using one of their lipsticks before.

My intention was to buy my new lipstick on my next travel, either at the airport or in-store. During my travel I visited 4 different MAC shops!! First stop was in Larnaca airport, second one in Athens airport and the other two in different shops in Milan city. My purchase was made in the 4th shop. Why not before? I was indecisive in choosing the colour I wanted to buy and I actually expected the moment that a MAC professional would offer to help me. This only happened in the last shop I visited in Milan where I remember the MAC lady asking me: ‘Do you trust me? Just have a seat and i will find the right colour for you. And so she did!’

What was the difference between her and other MAC professionals I came across these days?

Not sure! It might have been that she was better trained, was naturally better at sales, was in a mood to help customers or actually had an incentive for making extra sales under her name.

The point I want to make here is to highlight the importance of in-store customer experience. My airport experiences were quiet disappointing as the MAC professionals hadn’t shown any willingness to help me. When a client walks into your store’s door, they might be prepared to spend a big amount of money on your products even though they might not give you this impression. In-store experience is what will enhance such a purchasing decision or push it away.

It is therefore crucial for brands to:

  • Recruit the┬áright sales people
  • Offer incentives for driving sales growth
  • Train sales executives

Before moving into further enhancing in-store experience, retailers should first make sure the above basic tactics are in place.


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