2020 Year Review

2020 Year Review – It’s a wrap!

What a year 2020 has been.. No one can doubt that!

I am sure most of you are very excited to see this year going with the hope that 2021 will be a happier and healthier new year to come!

What about the good things we have experienced this year?

Let’s have a quick look on the positive side of 2020:

  • We were reminded of how it is to live only with necessities – no nails or hair done, no parties, no glamorous dress-ups etc.
  • We had the chance to spend more time with our families/flatmates at home
  • We got to meet our neighbors with whom we might have never talked before
  • We found new ways to spend our time indoors
  • Most of us became better in cooking; others got better in eating
  • We caught up with series and movies that were on our watch list for a long time
  • Home became our new gym
  • We embraced more outdoor activities in our daily routine such as walking, jogging, cycling etc.
  • We adopted better sleep habits
  • We saved so many hours of our time wasted for commuting to work
  • We got to experience work from home, some of us for the first time, which in many ways it’s a nice option to have
  • We developed our technology skills with online meetings in Microsoft Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans etc.
  • Many retail stores introduced online shopping and delivery service which is so convenient
  • We found time to take care of any pending works in the house
  • We experimented with DIY projects more than ever before
  • We realized once again what family means to us
  • We re-evaluated situations, needs and wants
  • We learned to live and act fast in uncertain times

Even though this was a tough year, it taught us many things that we can carry on with us in 2021.

Better days will come! #StayPositive #StaySafe

Best wishes for a Happy New Year full of health and happiness!


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