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Is cross-selling part of your marketing & sales strategy?

Cross–selling is the method of promoting additional products/services to customers in order to achieve increased profits. Cross-selling techniques include product recommendations, offers and special discounts on related products. Let’s take a look at some examples: A woman is interested in… Continue Reading →

Job security is an illusion. Stay relevant and competitive.

Professional success comes with the ability to remain valuable at work by staying on top of market trends and challenges. Employees are called to demonstrate high performance, be agile and deliver results, goals that cannot be achieved if their business… Continue Reading →

2020 Year Review – It’s a wrap!

What a year 2020 has been.. No one can doubt that! I am sure most of you are very excited to see this year going with the hope that 2021 will be a happier and healthier new year to come!… Continue Reading →

Don’t be such a Queen Bee – Women as managers

I am writing this article with the occasion of ‘women supporting women’ challenge that boomed out on Instagram a month ago. During these days one could see more and more women posting black-and-white photos of themselves and nominating other female… Continue Reading →

Post COVID-19: Hello new world!

Most countries around the world are still in lockdown to combat the invisible enemy, coronavirus COVID-19, even though considerations have now started for the gradual re-opening of the markets within the next few weeks. Airports still barely operate, just for… Continue Reading →

Employees’ well-being and business continuity during COVID-19 times

During the crisis of coronavirus pandemic that the world is facing, employees’ well-being should be no.1 priority for all companies. It is the time for organisations to show how much they truly care about their employees by taking impactful actions… Continue Reading →

Changing jobs

A tough decision to make, for some, especially as we grow older! I often come across friends and other people who feel unhappy at work but take no action to change things. Not being satisfied at work does not always… Continue Reading →

Never underestimate a client

We all have felt it sometimes, when we walked into a store for example, that the attention we received was not the same as the man next to us dressed in a Gucci suit and Louis Vuitton shoes. In general,… Continue Reading →

The importance of business networking

Growing older and adding a few more years on my work experience, I better realised the importance of business connections. A great way for expanding your business social cycle is networking. What is networking? Networking is about interacting with other… Continue Reading →

Develop a successful marketing strategy

Your first step to a successful marketing strategy is to already have a business strategy in place. Marketing is all about supporting the business goals thus without the latter, everything you do will just be isolated actions with limited long-term… Continue Reading →

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