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A chat with five Millennials: Future goals

A Financial Controller, an Assistant Professor, a Lawyer, a Software Developer and an Auditor share their personal and professionals goals for the next 5 years.

Future goals of millennials

As a text:
What are your goals in your personal and professional life for the next 5 years?


Marriage and family are within my next years’ goals.


– Enjoy better working hours in a new job and thus have the time to develop my skills in other areas of my interest for further career development.
– Keep working for the same company and further develop both in my personal and professional life. I want to ensure that my work performance remains at the same levels no matter how i grow older.

New job

– Move to a job that will finish at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I am not a career person.
– Move to a governmental position for job security and better working hours.


My goal is to gain more work experience and achieve a higher salary.


Travel around the world to countries of my bucket list.


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