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A chat with five Millennials: Challenges in the workplace

A Financial Controller, an Assistant Professor, a Lawyer, a Software Developer and an Auditor share their experiences about the challenges they face in their workplace.

A chat with five millenials - Challenges in the workplace


As a text:

The experiences of five Millennials:         

Low salary and appreciation
– I get paid below the market rate and i do not feel recognised and appreciated by the management of the firm.
– The management is not open to hear the opinions of other people with less experience.

Lack of resources 
There is lack of resources and a tendency to continuously cut down costs, which is demotivating and also has a bad impact on performance which they ignore.

Nothing but a number         
– I feel that I am just a number for the company and that I am easily replaceable.
– I want to be treated like human and not as a machine that can work non-stop at maximum.

Bad management  
– Managers do not have the necessary skills for people management.
– Managers don’t back up their teams in times of crisis and high stress. On the contrary, they rush to give you up.

Demand for over commitment         
I am asked to work overtimes and during weekends. My manager expects me to be available 24/7 by offering no extra benefits. If you are reluctant to follow, this can have an impact during your appraisal.

Unequal treatment   
Singles vs. married people with kids are not treated equally. Employers assume that single people have less responsibilities and should dedicate more time at work.


The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not in any way reflect the views of my current or any previous employers.

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