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August 2017

How to write a good CV

There are some key things to consider when writing your CV so that you make it stand-out, easy to read and understand. To begin with, include an appropriate email address. Check your CV over and over again to avoid any… Continue Reading →

A happy customer is a loyal customer

SEO, Google adwords, social media, programmatic advertising, virtual reality, machine learning … so many marketing words buzzing around today it makes you wonder where to start from and what you should actually invest on to attract new clients. IT DEPENDS;… Continue Reading →

Employee satisfaction – why is it so important?

Employees are an organisation’s most valuable asset! Employees are the ones who keep the company running and are worth to be treated, equally well, as the most important clients. Keeping them satisfied and treating them well is a win-win situation…. Continue Reading →

15 Interview questions

Why do you want to leave your current job? Tell us about yourself. What do you know about our company and what makes you want to work here? Why should we hire you/What do you think makes you a perfect… Continue Reading →

Keep your clients always in-the-know

Whether you serve local, global clients or both, it is important to keep your clients and business associates up to date with your official working hours, office closure dates or any other information that might affect them in doing business with… Continue Reading →

Trend Vs Loyalty – Bars and restaurants in Cyprus

Many restaurants and bars in Cyprus open every now and then but only few of them last for a lifetime. Why? You always get to know when a new place has opened its doors either though your friends or through… Continue Reading →

10 tips on how to be a successful professional

Be consistent in the quality of your work Be clear in what you say/require Dress properly Always be on time Use a to-do list Be time efficient i.e finish your meetings on agreed end time Clearly define action plan Follow-up… Continue Reading →

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