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Job security is an illusion. Stay relevant and competitive.

Professional success comes with the ability to remain valuable at work by staying on top of market trends and challenges. Employees are called to demonstrate high performance, be agile and deliver results, goals that cannot be achieved if their business… Continue Reading →

Changing jobs

A tough decision to make, for some, especially as we grow older! I often come across friends and other people who feel unhappy at work but take no action to change things. Not being satisfied at work does not always… Continue Reading →

Happy new year, happy new goals

It’s that time of the year when we spend a few minutes to reflect on the year that is going away leaving behind good and bad memories. Each and every year, new things happen to our lives, some as a… Continue Reading →

How to be a good manager: Nail it or fail it!

Being a good manager is rather a difficult job as it has to do with sharing your knowledge, not being competitive and accepting the fact that others might know something valuable that you don’t. Not easy for everyone to achieve… Continue Reading →

How to write a good CV

There are some key things to consider when writing your CV so that you make it stand-out, easy to read and understand. To begin with, include an appropriate email address. Check your CV over and over again to avoid any… Continue Reading →

15 Interview questions

Why do you want to leave your current job? Tell us about yourself. What do you know about our company and what makes you want to work here? Why should we hire you/What do you think makes you a perfect… Continue Reading →

10 tips on how to be a successful professional

Be consistent in the quality of your work Be clear in what you say/require Dress properly Always be on time Use a to-do list Be time efficient i.e finish your meetings on agreed end time Clearly define action plan Follow-up… Continue Reading →

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